Wednesday, 11 November 2015

By request ...

the Back of the Literal quilt.

The back is nothing special, I pieced it from some Carolyn Friedlander Crosshatch, and some other bits of fabric I had around the place.  I decided to use the cartoon fabric from Timeless Treasures that I blogged about here as I thought it would give people something to look at and maybe laugh at when they saw it.

While the quilt was hanging at the show we pinned a couple of white gloves to the sides of the quilt so that people could lift the corners themselves.  The first day there were so many people asking to see the back that the White Glove volunteers were run off their feet.


  1. Love this quilt Pip. It is so original, different and modern. Great idea having hanging gloves too. Hope it catches on in future shows!

  2. Isn't it fun to know you've made a quilt that makes people want to see the backing.

  3. Thanks for showing. I love pieced backings and how clever you are to match up the hanging sleeve!

    1. Thanks Cookie, the hanging sleeve was a piece of luck as I had trimmed off the excess backing and it was just enough for the hanging sleeve.

  4. Hahaha I remember that blog. It was good!
    Great back. Just as much pride obviously, from you. . . as the front.


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