Sunday, 11 October 2015

Still breathing ...

I'm not sure if I remember how to do this anymore, but here goes ...

Cody "assisting" with quilt binding

The last few months have gone so fast, it all seems a bit of a blur.  I've been quite busy putting the finishing touches to my quilts for our guild quilt show to be held in November.  The hot temperatures (33°C/91°F) we experienced last weekend came at just the right time for me as it was very easy to dry my quilts after washing them to remove all the blue marking pen that I'd used to mark the quilting.  All that remains is to do the usual de-furring before I put them in their bags ready to hand over next weekend.

Here they are, all stacked up,
two larger ones, a challenge and a miniature

 Our garden is still looking good, the grass is still green and the new plants we put in back in April seem to be flourishing.  The iris in this photo, taken early in September flowered beautifully and have now died back.

Over the winter I planted Silver Beet (Swiss Chard), Tuscan Kale, Spinach and Spring Onions and for little effort we've been getting quite a few greens from my little garden.  I'm amazed at how crisp the Spring Onions from the garden are compared to the ones I usually get from Central Market.

Last week we saw a koala wandering down our street, they look very awkward when they are on the ground, you can almost see the expression of relief when they spot a tree to climb up.

It is mating season for the koalas, so we are seeing more of them as they search for a mate, so far I haven't heard much bellowing from the males, a state that I am quite happy with as they are really noisy.


  1. You are so lucky to see a Koala. I love the wildlife in Australia :)

  2. So nice to see you on here..always feel like I am visiting a friend when I look at your posts. Marilyn

  3. well done for getting them finished with time to spare. i can't wait to see your quilts hanging, especially your modern one, such fun. Your flag iris should be in flower now or any time soon.

  4. Welcome back to blogland. You've done well to get 4 quilts done for the show. Koalas are so sweet but you are right that they look awkward walking around. Your garden greens look lovely and you're in for a treat when those iris open.

  5. Koalas, how cool! never saw a real live one, myself. I, too, just got back to posting a blog yesterday. I like Instagram, but I still like my blog, too :-)
    Love your quilts, the little I can see of them. Maybe you will reveal more soon?

  6. I'm sorrv to have let blog reading go.
    I should have checked in on you . . always an inspiration.


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