Tuesday, 13 October 2015


There hasn't been too much making going on because of all the quilting I've been doing, but I did occasionally take time off to play with fabric.

Some time ago I bought Sujata Shah's  book Cultural Fusion, when the book arrived I wanted to dive in and make something immediately but I already had several projects on the go, so I resisted and contented myself with reading it instead.

But a girl's gotta play and one day when I really needed a break from quilting straightish lines I decided that it was time to crack open the book.  I was very drawn to the quilt on the cover - Rail Fence so decided that I would make a block to try it out.  I couldn't stop at one block and ended up making 4 of them, the method for making them is very easy and enjoyable, so I pulled more fabric so I could have some  strips ready to make more blocks when I need another break.

There is even a quiltalong for this quilt and you can see more of the Rail Fence quilts at the Cultural Fusion Quilts blog.


  1. Oooh, I love your blocks! And I love Sujata's style. I need this book. I've been admiring it but it's time to act and go get it!

  2. I can see how those wonderful rail fence blocks would be addictive, and great for playing with fabulous fabric combos. Have fun!!

  3. They're addictive, aren't they!

  4. You're always on a learning mission, aren't you?
    I admire how you'll give everything a go.


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