Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lists and more lists

I love a good list and at the moment my life is full of lists, lists of prizes, lists of boxes of prizes,  lists of menus, lists of everything I need to do over the coming week.  At the moment it seems never ending and the lists help me to keep it all under control, or at least a semblance of control.

The reason for all the lists is that this week is our guild's annual Festival of Quilts and for the past 9 months the committee (of which I am a member) have been planning for the opening day on Thursday 5 November.

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, hard to believe that in 48 hours
it will be full of vendors, quilts, and people

Many volunteer hours have gone into the show: layout planning,  sourcing special exhibitions,  raffle tickets, contacting sponsors, setting up Power Point presentations for Gala night, arranging for a photographer, rosters for White Glove volunteers and demonstrations, spreadsheets for everything, and numerous other tasks that must be done before the big day. Of course we must not forget all the guild members who have spent hours stitching their quilts without which we would not have a show.

This photo was taken 24 hours after the photo above,
there has been a lot of action happening.

You can read a little bit more about our preparations (and see some photos)  on Michele's blog . No quilt show would be complete without some shopping and our quilt show is run as part of the Craft and Quilt Fair so there will be a busy few days for everyone concerned. 

I hope to have plenty of quilt photos to show in a couple of days, but for now it is nose to the grindstone helping get everything ready.

Committee members, husbands and helpers preparing
to set up the quilt frames ready for hanging the quilts tomorrow.


  1. I'm a list maker too! You should have seen the lists I made when we moved house recently. They do help by letting your mind relax knowing you've made a note of it and won't forget something important. Well done to you and all the committee and other volunteers. The quilt show is always my favourite part of the fair. What a daunting sight - all that large empty space which will be crammed with people come Thursday. I might see you around on Sunday when I'm there with my friend.

  2. Exhausting. Truly exhausting.
    I cant manage without a good list!


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