Friday, 23 October 2015


You can always tell it is Spring by the sounds of the baby birds in the garden, this year it is mainly the baby Magpies that can be heard constantly squawking for their parents to feed them. The parents will often fly off to get more food and leave the babies wandering around our garden but as the baby Magpies get stronger they follow the parents everywhere, it must be hell to be a Magpie parents.

This is one of about three Magpie babies that are frequenting our garden this year, the Magpie adults are not too worried by me taking photos of them and will come quite close.

Once again the Mister climbed the ladder to have a look in the nesting box and took a photo of these Eastern Rosella chicks which hatched in the last week or so. Last year we had Lorikeets but they don't seem to have used the nestbox this year.  A fantastic series of photos (and videos) showing the day by day development of Eastern Rosella chicks can be found here. The Mister is planning on climbing up the ladder sometime soon to take a progress photo.

As a member of the Quilters' Guild of South Australia Festival of Quilts committee I've been quite busy lately helping prepare for our major exhibition of the year -  the Festival of Quilts display at the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair which will be held between November 5-8 this year.  The bird above is part of my display for a foundation paper piecing demonstration that I will be doing this year.


  1. good job you are both early risers with the "dawn Chorus " that must go on around your place.. Your paper piecing is lovely, i am very fond of that wee birdie, and I'm looking forward to you getting my border finished at the show.... well at least moved along a bit.

  2. Birds are such great entertainment! I haven't seen rosella chicks before, you'll have fun watching them grow. We have a maggie family, it's amazing how the baby calls out coninuously. Your bird paper oiecing workshop will be popular, it's such a cute block.

  3. Dear pip,
    In NZ Eastern Rosellas have become a real pest. They are parrots and like to play, so spend there time going around fruit trees and Kiwifruit vines just pecking the buds off before they open. They don't eat them they just drop them on the ground.
    So while you are loving them we not so much. They move very fast when flying so it is not possible to shoot them. One neighbour got a bird scarer in his orchard this year. I'm not sure how effective it was. Often Australian animals and birds and insects to "Too," well when they find their way to NZ.
    I much prefer your fabric bird!

  4. Love the Maggies here . . we have a resident family . . their markings a little different to the SA ones.

    Great Paper Piecing.
    Can I get you over for a Demo!


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