Monday, 4 May 2015

There has been little of note happening here in the Rest is not idleness world, I recently joined a Facebook group called OMG quilts (Organic Modern Graphic quilts, a variation within the Modern Quilting Movement) and spent a few hours over the weekend making this little quilt to submit to the group. I found my inspiration for it while I was slicing some brussel sprouts, it is fairly small, just 15" x 20" and is raw edge applique.  I fused some Applifix (similar to Vliesofix) to the back of my fabrics and then used my rotary cutter to cut the shapes I had in my mind, once that was done, I played around with their positions, then fused them to the background and used my Sweet 16 to quilt them down before I started the fun quilting.

I acquired this fabric last week, I have no idea where it will be used although I think it would make a great bag to take along to sit and sews.  Hopefully you will be able to read the words (click on the picture and it will enlarge) and have a laugh or two.

Opal and Earl seem to be quite a funny couple

I wonder if the Mister and I will be like that in 20 years time


  1. OOOoo a few home truths there indeedy!

  2. I LOVE your OMG quilt, certainly meets the "organic" brief and by gosh your quilting is fabulous too. The cartoon fabric is so funny, you must look at very different sites to me, never seen anything like it

  3. I really like that you were inspired whilst cutting brussel sprouts. Your quilt is wonderful, beautiful composition and great quilying. Your new fabric really had me giggling.

  4. Love what you're doing with this new way of looking at making quilts. <3

  5. Love what you're doing with this new way of looking at making quilts. <3


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