Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Some more birdies

My work room looks out onto our garden and I often see birds flitting around.  It can be quite the distraction some days, the one pictured below was hovering near my window and then darted off into the neighbour's bush to sip nectar from the flowers.

New Holland Honey Eater (click here for a video of one feeding)

The bird below is another project that I have been working on recently.  For a small donation I received a piece of hand dyed fabric with the outline of a bird screen printed onto it, you could then embellish, quilt, embroider, or applique  the piece of fabric.  I decided to applique some velvet and silk on my bird,  I also used some variegated thread to machine embroider the body, then I trapuntoed the bird, quilted it some more then quilted the background.  It is going to be part of our Guild display at our Festival of Quilts in November. 

A family of Kookaburras in the neighbour's gum tree (to hear a kookaburra calling click here you might need to turn the volume up a bit).  It was quite noisy that day as there were more kookaburras in the nearby trees and it seemed as if they were having a competition but in reality I think it was a territorial dispute.


  1. Oh Pip I laughed out loud to hear them, my first Kookaburras!

    I see now why my visitors from other countries were thrilled to hear the cuckoo on my blog.

    Thanks, I did enjoy that, I have a big smile now!

    Your embroidery is lovely, you do have an artists eye.

  2. Your images are fantastic.
    Clear and full of detail. Lovely.

    Gorgeous embroidery and trapaunto etc....love "your" birdy.

  3. I love our Australian birds too. They're so noisy and active, and very entertaining. Your stitched bird is beautiful, I love that you added the extra textures too.


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