Friday, 15 May 2015

A sort of a finish* ...

At the beginning of the year the Handiquilter group I belong to was given a challenge by the group facilitator Heather.  The challenge was to make a big block quilt from the pattern provided, we could choose our own fabrics and quilt it however we liked. I started making this quilt with quite a lot of enthusiasm, I wanted to use thread I already had and fabrics from my stash and ran into problems immediately as I didn't have much yardage of the colours I would have preferred (the purple and turquoise).  I had plenty of white but thought that would be a bit blah, so decided to go with the grey and the pink (salmon???)  it didn't take too long to cut the fabric and stitch the quilt top together.

The quilting was another story, I decided to start with a star in the centre and then go from there, because I was using threads to match each colour I didn't want to change threads too often so I quilted the corner blocks as well.  By then I'd decided to make another star which was quilted with silver grey thread,  I used a ruler for both these stars, I then came to a grinding halt and the quilt sat there for a week or so until inspiration struck when I decided to try out a few different fill designs (I haven't finished the fill designs yet) with varying degrees of success.

The borders took a while longer to inspire me, in the end I decided to do lines and figure 8 with a bit of fill around the triangles. The grey border still needs to be finished, most likely with a figure 8 or ribbon candy pattern, I might get to that this weekend, then again I might not  :)

This is the back view, you can see where I will be doing more quilting.  I've had quite a lot of fun trying out different quilting patterns on this quilt, and I think this quilt will be good as a sort of sampler of the different designs I can do.  I used Aurifil and Glide thread on this quilt and wool batting.  Some of the other quilts in this challenge can be seen here (at least I hope so, it's a Facebook page so might not be viewable by everyone) everyone that made a quilt did a really good job and there were so many lovely variations, needless to say we are all very pleased with ourselves.

and look another pair of birds in the back yard, these ones are Eastern Rosellas, they make a nice patch of brightness on the green lawn.

* the quilt is bound  I just haven't finished quilting it yet.


  1. What a great quilt!! Your quilting looks amazing, I love how it adds a whole other layer of interest. It's great to be able to see it on the back too. It's always lovely to have birds add colour to the garden.

  2. Pip, once again another impressive quilting tale . .you always extend yourself and the results are gorgeous. Thats a lot of hard work there!
    Love birdie photos .. and these are so pretty.


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