Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yesterday was a long day ...

and I am still quite tired, but it was worth it.  I travelled to the Australasian Quilting Convention on Saturday, leaving Adelaide before the sun rose and arriving back after it had set, it was a long day but so enjoyable.  It was a very overcast day when I arrived in Melbourne but the clouds slowly lifted and by the midday the sun was out and the day turned out to be quite pleasant, unlike Adelaide where it rained all day.

See how restrained I was,
2 scrap packets of prints from Maze and Vale,
2 fat quarters, 2 fat 1/8's and some vintage squares

I took a lot of photos on my ipad but they all appear quite misty looking (something to do with the light in the building I think) so I won't publish them,  but I can put up links to some of the quilts.  For instance this quilt  made by Lorena Uriarte was one I particularly liked, it was quilted quite simply with a spiral in each circle and straight line quilting on all the building blocks.  Depending on the angle you viewed the quilt you could see hexagons, or diamonds or building blocks and even stars and of course the circles were superimposed on top.  The blocks were machine pieced and the circles were appliqued by hand.

another BlocLoc ruler, a wee tin (looks like a cassette)
a cloth tape measure, a couple of badges
and a laboclip (magnifying viewing aid) to clip onto my glasses

Another quilt that I liked was the second one in this blog post called Subdivision made by Kathy Thorncraft,  it was made from a combination of two different but simple blocks and quilted quite simply with straight line quilting which started in a curve at one corner and was then echoed out about 1/4" each time.  I think this quilt appealed to me because you could create different patterns with it depending on how you arranged the blocks.  There is a pattern for this quilt in Make Modern digital magazine (issue 3).

Miss Midge blogged about AQC 2015 here ,Vireya wrote a post here and Michele wrote a lovely post about the AQC here.


  1. Wow Pip, what a day! ImpressiveI look forward to seeing some of your photos! Good buying too!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the share of my blog post x

  3. So pleased that you had a good time at the AQS. It is one show that is on my to get to list so hope I can get there one year as it looks so interesting. You where restrained, I am impressed!

  4. Lovina Uriarte's quilt is fabulous! The kind of quilt I love. Thanks for the post Pip. Hope it comes to Adelaide. I would love to see it. I would have driven all the way to see it!

  5. Sounds like a real fun day. No driving and and no hotel bill. Great to be able to do all you did and sleep in your own bed afterwards. Love what you bought.☺


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