Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Best intentions ...

I had originally planned to make improv blocks over the long weekend, but I ended up organising nearly ALL of my scraps and strings.  I had organised my strings a month or so ago so I thought it would just take a day to get everything else tidied up, but the scraps have obviously been breeding, who knew that I had three boxes of scraps (and I know there is yet another box lurking on the top shelf of a cupboard).

Once I had started I couldn't stop, I discovered that flat scraps take up a lot less room than scraps stuffed and crammed into boxes and if scraps are stored flat, they will be ready to use straight away.

There were piles upon piles of scraps, my iron was running hot all weekend, but I now have scraps that are easily accessed and organised by colour.

strings are clipped together with foldback clips 
and hung from hooks in the cupboard.

This afternoon I celebrated the finish of my scrap organisation by making an improv block from scraps,

the block was made from some of my leftover Farmer's Wife scraps, if I make it a wee bit larger then I can turn it into a quilt for Cody to lie on, I'm sure he will appreciate it.


  1. yeah for getting them organised...........

  2. Scraps are much easier to use when they're all nice and tidy. At least you still managed to make one block!

  3. i'm exhausted just thinking of all that work, well done you. LOVE Cody's block

  4. Well done you........can you come and do mine now please??

  5. Ah ...now that Cody sure is one spoilt kitty! I have a new iron . . its such a breeze . . . but it doesnt make me want to go overboard with ironing!


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