Wednesday, 25 March 2015


We've had a few birds dropping in to our back yard lately, I found this baby lorikeet perched on a pot plant near our back door.  We have a nestbox in our yard and I had seen the parent lorikeets trying to encourage their current offspring to leave the box (at least, that is what I assume they were trying to do) so I think it had taken it's first flight and discovered it couldn't fly too well.  The Mister put it back in the nest box but I found it on the ground the next day, this time it flew off when I approached and managed to land in a tree, where the parents soon found it.

It is a rare day when a magpie doesn't visit, we make sure to keep the water bowl full so they can have a drink, some of the smaller birds have a bath but I've yet to see a magpie in there, they seem to prefer to have a shower under the sprinklers.

Yesterday, I spotted this New Holland Honey Eater, I don't usually see them on the ground so it was the perfect opportunity to take a photo.


  1. Beautiful photographs Pip. Love your story about the baby! I've only once seen a pair of lorikeets in our garden, eating the fruit of a palm tree outside my sewing room. I was that thrilled! So beautiful.

  2. We have a whole family of the new holland honey eaters visiting our abelia's at the moment


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