Saturday, 28 March 2015

A big bag ...

I think this is the last bag I will be making for a while.  I used the same pattern as in this post but I upsized it a bit (maybe a wee bit too much).  I had bought a couple of panels from cat&vee specifically so I could make a larger tote and I didn't really want to cut them up so I adjusted the tote size to make the most of the panels, this was the panel I used on the other side, it has a zip pocket in it the same as the smaller tote.

You can see how much larger the tote is compared to the first one I made.  One thing that I forgot to take into account was the handles, I kept them the same length and of course with the tote being larger, it is much closer to the ground when it is being carried.

*You may have noticed blog posts appearing and disappearing over the last day or so, I had written several posts in draft and when I scheduled them Blogger somehow changed the dates on them, hopefully I've fixed them.


  1. Pretty neat panel, had a little browse at Cat and Vine, resisted temptation ...for now

  2. Love the panel on your bag and so well written!

  3. love those bags. I'm a bit of a bag girl myself, and when I tell Mario I'm making a bag, he says....Of course you are, thats just what you need.

  4. Great use of the great Cat and Vee panel Pip! You'll just have to wear very high heels!

  5. Bags are gorgeous. I love the Cat and Vee panel

  6. Ah .. Bags.
    Fiddly little buggers sometimes . . but yours is delightful! The cat & vee Fabric is fun!~


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