Saturday, 28 February 2015

Yet another bag ...

I'm not over making bags just yet, but I think I will be taking a little break from them after finishing this one.  This tote is called the  Outta Time Tote  and is another pattern from Erin at Dog Under My Desk but only available at One Thimble which is an Australian online magazine.  The pattern is available as a one-time purchase or you may want to subscribe to the magazine, you can read more about it here.  

For this bag I used a couple of linen tea towels that I had stashed away plus some linen for the handles and some red scraps that I had. This bag took me a day to make although I didn't work on it constantly.  I think I prefer to cut out the pieces out on one day and then make the bag the next day.

With this bag I deviated from the pattern instructions slightly as I wanted to make the handles a bit longer so I could stitch the handle down more securely.  I didn't think it through properly and although the handles are stitched down quite securely, I would follow Erin's instructions next time.


  1. Talk about uber productive!! Love it Pip! I'm checking out the link! Fabric looks very interesting. Like the colours, little red pocket lining, and the white inside the bag. Great job.

  2. I hadn't heard of that magazine. Thanks for mentioning it. Your bag looks great , I like that yu used some teatowels. The red zip pocket is a great feature.

  3. Oh I LOVE that bag ~ the fact that it's made of towels, fabric design, colors, and your zipper looks perfect! I have a pattern and fabric to make a bag that I bought "a couple years ago". I'll be pulling the fabric out today and looking at these pictures for inspiration! VERY nice Pip ~

  4. What a fab way to use linen tea towels! Love the bag Pip.

  5. Really like the results you got with your bag. I will now look at linen tea towels in a very different way.


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