Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Time has flown, yet again.

The intervals between my blog posts seem to be stretching, it has been almost a month since I last blogged.  I almost feel as if I should be making my confession  :)

I have been making things - like the little thread catcher (pictured above) made using this tutorial from Fabric Therapy blog, and another Sew Together bag, this one I personalised a little bit with some foundation pieced blocks (they finish at 3" although I chopped them a little bit to as I didn't like the spacing of the letters)

 I can fit most of the things I need for hand stitching into it, and the thread catcher fits nicely as well.

I've also slowly (very slowly) been adding to my Brigittte Giblin's Trip Around the World (BGTATW) quilt, just two sides left on Row 19, I think I'll be continuing on to Row 27 and finish off with half square triangles and then hand quilt it.  I will have to decide on fabrics for the next couple of rows soon, and looking at the photo I don't think my initial pull is going to work :(

Some links that I want to share - Quilt Con 2015 and The Modern Quilt Guild - some of these quilts I really like, some not so much.


  1. Ahhhh Nice stitching as per normal Pip.
    the Ig feed on quilotcon has been amazing .. but images are so small so it is wonderful to see some quilts in a bigger size. Thanks!

  2. Your thread catcher and Sew Together Bag both turned out GREAT! I'm wondering how long the thread catcher took to make. Seems like a good quilt bee gift!

  3. Lovely Pip! I'm determined to finish my ASC challenge before I make the bag. Bought zips today. What did you use for your ring in the thread catcher? Looks great! Do I have an excuse to buy the chips? Love your name on yours.


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