Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bagging it ...

I've been looking for a bag pattern for some time now and I finally saw one on Pinterest I thought would meet my needs (cross body strap, easy to access from the top, not too deep, and with a pocket or two on the outside).  I tracked the pattern down and found it was from Erin at Dog Under My Desk.  PDF patterns are a wonderful thing, you pay your money and seconds later the link for the pattern lands in your inbox and you are good to go.  (assuming you have everything you need like zips and bag hardware)

I didn't bother with printing the pattern out except for the layout page, I opened it in iBooks on my iPad and read through the instructions a couple of times before I started.  I also looked at a few reviews of the bag to see if there was anything I needed to be aware of before I started, but there were nothing but good reviews for this bag.

front zipper pocket, there is another pocket behind as well

I had the fabric, interfacing and zips for the bag so I started cutting out the pieces, making sure to label them all so I didn't get confused later on.  Once that was done I read through the pattern again and started sewing away.

bag interior,  two more pockets here

I started my bag on Sunday afternoon and worked on it for the rest of the day, (with a few breaks), then continued on and finished it up the next day.  I enjoyed making this bag, the instructions were very comprehensive and accompanied by plenty of photos. I only had to reverse sew once and that was my fault as I didn't read through that part of the instructions properly, my bad!

I'm very, very happy with how this bag turned out, I have always thought that a bag like this would be beyond me, and now I want to make another one, maybe in linen or a slightly heavier weight fabric.


  1. It looks gorgeous. Love your choice of fabrics!

  2. Well done Pip! Your bag looks lovely. One day I will bite the bullet and make a bag too - hopefully before my current handbag dies!!

  3. Looks great Pip. I must give it a try. I have made a couple of other bags from her Web site and they were both really good. Don't you just love those PDFs that you can download and you get it instantly. :-)

  4. Your bag is lovely - satisfying too, to be able to print it off and have it sewn by the end of the weekend! I've just looked on her site and it seems she has some really good designs there - thanks for the link!

  5. Lovely bag, you did a fabulous job!

  6. Great bag Pip! Great design, like the large outer pockets. Pretty fabrics too. Uber productive of late Pip! Look forward to seeing it.


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