Sunday, 18 January 2015

Red and white quilt

I learned a few things in the making and quilting of my red and white quilt last year.  I've never really bothered with trimming threads from the back of the quilt but as you can see from the photos below untrimmed threads can stand out.

The threads showing through is only really a factor if you are using a light fabric.  The other niggle I noticed was that there was some shadowing of the red through the white fabric (I don't have a photo to illustrate this) this was caused by not trimming the red fabric back adequately when I paper pieced some of the blocks.

With this quilt I decided to attach the hanging sleeve using this tutorial which was quite successful although the line from the blind hem machine stitching was visible.  In the large photo you can clearly see the line across the top of the quilt. 

I wasn't going to wash the quilt as I didn't want to risk any of the reds running (even though I had washed most of them previously).  The other thing I noticed with this quilt was that in some places you could see the shadow of the backing fabric (a red and white toile).  In the scheme of things none of this really matters because I think it is still a very a nice quilt and I'm happy with how it turned out.

If I were to make another quilt like this then I would consider using two layers of batting as this would  make the quilting stand out really well and there would be no shadowing from the backing fabric.


  1. good tips Pip! but I think your quilt is stunning in any case.
    I think every one of my quilts taught me something from experience.

  2. I had similar problems with my latest white quilt, using same white fabric in current quilt and I am being really careful with trimming threads and pressing seams away from the White which is easier as the colour is bordering appliqué blocks. I think we learn a little with every quilt we make and store it in the vault.

  3. My rule for piecing is to use a thread that is no darker than the lightest fabric in your quilt. Hopefully will prevent the threads from showing through, although if a fabric frays and has threads, it'll still be a problem. I hate trimming backs, but do takes me months to be willing to do it though. :)

    It is still a lovely quilt. My Just Takes 2 version is still in process (and a long way to go)

  4. timely advice if i am to finish my JT2 this year, but Oh the thought of going back over every seam fills me with dread

  5. Cutting threads is a pain. Saw someone trimming yesterday, she used a sticky roller (the type used for picking up cat hair) as she cut threads the roller picked up! Pip if using double batting, would you fuse the two layers first?

  6. It's a lovely, lovely quilt... must admit I've had the same problem with threads and darker colors behind light fabric...can't do much about it in some cases, and usually the end result is still beautiful like yours is xxx


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