Monday, 26 January 2015

Border crossing

When I bought my Sweet 16 last year from the Adelaide Sewing Centre, I was invited to attend the monthly Handiquilter Group which they hold for the people who have purchased a Handiquilter machine from their store.  It is a demonstration based group,  Heather usually runs through basic maintenance (oiling, de-fluffing etc) for our machines and then demonstrates a quilting technique, we also have show and tell, and sometimes there is homework which is optional, but is a great way to learn a technique on a fairly small project.

Last year one of the techniques that Heather demonstrated was Borders and the homework was to make a border quilt using measurements that were supplied but the choice of fabrics was left up to the individual.  I decided that I would make a 15" X and + block as my centre, I also decided that I wouldn't buy any fabric (apart from backing fabric) and straightaway I had a problem as I didn't have quite enough fabric for the second border so I decided to put small X and + blocks in each corner, which solved my fabric problem nicely.

I had enough fabrics for the other borders but decided to put a small + block in the fourth border and a larger X and + block in the final border.  Once the quilt top was finished it was time to start quilting and I found out that fabric choice is quite important if you want your quilting to show up on the quilt.  It would have been much better to use solid coloured fabrics, live and learn I say :)   I'm still quilting this and hopefully will finish it off in a week or two.


  1. I love it!
    Very "Provence"...your quilting is so amazing, Pip.

  2. Love the design Pip. X+ centre and the corner x + x. Very clever. Love it. Quilting is looking very good too.

  3. It looks very effective anyway. I must admit I hardly ever use solids in my quilting but I'm often impressed by the results when other people do. I really should build a bit of a solid stash I guess!

  4. great job1 life is important if we learn something new every day. You are doing great!

  5. The corners were a great solution, they look like they belong there... are you using rulers for the outer borders? xxx


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