Friday, 19 December 2014

Feeling good

because I finished the Frame quilt top off today, I started it end of October 2012 when I won the centre panel in a giveaway on Miriam's blog.  I did about one and half of the first borders and then it was packed away and didn't see the light of day until early this year when I had a new lease of life and decided to work on it a bit more.

I had originally decided to do an applique border and had stitched one border then decided I didn't like it so put it away until inspiration should strike, which it did (on one of those sleepless nights that seem to plague me every full moon) in the form of a chevron border which I liked much better than the original idea. After finishing the chevron border I just had to make 4 more corner applique blocks and add the borders and I had a finished top, quilting is another story.


  1. Every night's a full moon for me :(
    But I dont have your gorgeous creations hammering in my brain.
    This Medallion is fabulous . . the chevrons are perfect!

  2. You should be feeling good ~ that's beautiful! The fabric you chose and the border designs are perfect...

  3. Well done you! I had been wondering what had happened to this one... It grew into a beauty didn't it. Yeah ! for full moons if that is the outcome. Is that the FG border stripe?

  4. Love it Pip. Well done !


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