Monday, 17 November 2014

The guild quilt show is over for another year so maybe I can try and get back into a more regular blogging routine (although the silly season is fast approaching).  This year the judging and prize giving for the Festival of Quilts was held a week before the quilt show which meant that unlike previous years, the recipients of awards were completely in the dark about which of their quilts had placed until the awards were distributed at the guild meeting, although you did receive an advisory phone call if your quilt had been placed so you could attend the meeting if you wished.

My photos aren't the best this year as for some reason I had changed the settings on my camera and I didn't realise it until later on the last day. This year, I entered three quilts for judging and one in the other category (a non-judged category), I was lucky as one of my quilts was awarded third place in it's category, this was the quilt in the Miniature category:

 I used a combination of two blocks (Shoo Fly and Fifty-four Forty or Fight)
 and it measured 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm)

The other quilts I entered were the hexie quilt (in the other category)

and the red and white Just Takes Too Long quilt (in the traditional category), I noticed that there is a bit of a wave along the bottom edge, something that wasn't noticeable when I had it on the design board.  I intend to post a bit more about this quilt in a week or so.

 and "A Girl's best friend?" in the Challenge category, I'm really pleased with my quilting on this piece, there was no particular plan and I just quilted different designs to see how they would quilt out, it will be a good piece to refer back to.

Hop over to the guild website here to see more of the winning quilt (just click on each category)


  1. Nice to see you back Pip ~ those quilts are all beautiful. I am always fond of red and white and I love the hexie quilt! The stitching is amazing.

  2. you are sew industrious. Your quilts looked great hanging in the show, although somehow i missed your miniature. You may have spurred me on to complete my JT2 (long)

  3. I saw your hexi quilt and your red and white one but I missed your other two. I usually spend more time looking at the quilts but having a friend with me limited my time a little!

  4. Some great finishes there Pip! Your skill at quilting is phenomenal....and I dont mind the JT2 up and finished. Very graphic. Thanks for the links to the winning images.

  5. Wow, love your quilting Pip! Beautiful! Especially the diamond challenge quilt and I love how your quilted JT2. You have spurred me on to finish mine as well :0) Congrats on a ribbon!


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