Saturday, 22 November 2014

Some more quilts from the show

A few more photos of quilts from our show plus some links to more photos (at the end of the blog post).  This year the Guild trialled a new technology which they are calling "Mini-Floor Talkers".  A QR code was displayed alongside selected quilts and you could use your Smartphone to scan the QR code (you need a QR reader app on your Smartphone, I used one called SCAN which was a free download) which would then take you to a website where you could listen to the quilter talking about their quilt in more detail.  The QR scan codes for some of the quilts have been uploaded to the Guild photo gallery here   
you can either scan the QR code or alternatively go to the website (scroll down a bit to where it says Play your message) and type in the letters at the bottom of the QR code. I have put a couple of links in for the quilts in this blog post further down the page.

This quilt was entered in the Challenge category, this year the theme was "Diamond" as it was celebrating our Guilds 30th anniversary.  The quilt is called "The Farm at Sunset"  and was made by Bronwyn Atkinson, I really liked the colours and fabrics in this quilt and thought it was a clever way of expressing the challenge theme.

This quilt was placed first in the Predominantly Applique Open, it was made by Julie Adamson and is based on a very old arabic design, it was hand appliqued and hand quilted.  The fabrics are batiks appliqued onto a silk background.

 some close ups of the applique and quilting

Listen to more about this quilt here  (turn the speakers up on your computer)

This quilt was made by Margaret Sampson and quilted by Helen Campbell, it was placed first in the Group quilt category, sadly I forgot to get closeups of this quilt.  There is a lovely story to this quilt which you can listen to  here

Some more quilts from our show can be seen at Legend and Lace and if you are interested in reading about the creation of the second place in the Art to Wear category go here


  1. Thanks for the photos Pip. Great about the mini talks. I'll have to send a copy of this to the Festival of Quilts Auckland committee. Its a great idea!

  2. The quilts you've shown were some of my favourites at the show, particularly the second one. I just loved it.

  3. Great Photos Pip,...thanks for giving us all a little tour.
    That QR code thingy sounds fascinating. Good on FOQ and Adelaide for leading the way!


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