Sunday, 30 November 2014


I've been busy catching up on my blocks in the Threads of Memory BOM.  I haven't been doing much piecing lately so it was a bit of a change of pace for me, it also meant I need to dip into my sewing machine manual a couple of times to refresh my memory.

 Block 9 - Lancaster Star

Back in October when Bernina had a 20% off accessories deal, the Mister bought me a couple of accessories - Patchwork foot #97D with patchwork seam guide and a straight-stitch stitch plate. I think it has made my piecing more accurate, I was having trouble keeping the foot lined up with the fabric edges and the seam guide combined with the #97D foot (which is wider than the #37D foot I was using previously) has solved that problem. (This link  explains it much better)  I think that Bernina should be including the #97D foot with the 7 series machines rather than having us buy it as an extra.

Block 10 - Britain's Star

Now that these blocks are completed I need to make more Flying Geese units so I can finish off the sashing on the blocks, then I will be all ready for when the last block comes out at the end of December and it won't take too long before the quilt top will be completed and I will be able to get stuck into quilting it.

Block 11 - St Charles Star


  1. your blocks are stunning, Pip. I am in love with that first one, what glorious fabric you have used. I n fact you gave me an idea. I have recently embarked on making a series of appliqued blocks, but the setting wasn't exciting me. When I first saw your firs block, I thought the centre was appliqued and I'm wondering whether my apliqued block will work the way you made yours. Thanks for giving me food for thought.

  2. Lovely Blocks Pip. Thank you so much for sharing the Bernina link. I'll have to check it out at the shop. I wouldn't mind the 97 D foot although I haven't had too many problems with the 37D foot. Mind you haven't done alot off precise piecing as yet on the machine.

  3. Great blocks Pip. Especially love the first one.

  4. well done on the catch up. Pretty speedy with that last one. I drafted the block and thought i was going along swimmingly , until i realised i hadn't made the "ice cream cone " shaped one big enough.. redo or leave it.. that is the question today

  5. Nice blocks Pip and I love your fabric choices ~

  6. I love my 97D and straight stitch plate. They make such a difference (to my piecing!) However I never noticed a problem with your amazing blocks in the past!.
    Who would have thought you'd had "issues"!
    As usual . . your colour combos and pattern choices show typical Pip pizzaz.

  7. Lovely fabric choices, well done on catching up.

  8. Love your fabric choices for your blocks. Sooo effective. Your piecing always looks perfect, but I will check of the Bernina97D and stitch plate. My piecing is often dodgy!


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