Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stitching - Day 9

Unrelated to my stitching but also on Day 9 is my sourdough starter (the Mister has named it Hans, son of Herman).  I've been using the tutorial on Sourdough.com which is an excellent resource for anyone interested in making naturally risen bread.  A few years ago I had a sourdough starter which I kept going for quite some time, but it started smelling of over-ripe pears, I tried to resuscitate it back to a better smelling starter but gave up in the end, so now I'm starting over.  All going well I should be making some sourdough bread in a week or so.

This is "Hans" after he
 has been refreshed for the day,
he will double in size.

This is "Hans" later in the day,
he has subsided a bit.
He hasn't been quite so active today
due to the lower temperatures we
are currently experiencing.

feather border on miniature quilt

Day 9 

Achieved - two borders quilted of my miniature quilt
                more hand quilting on the tiny quilt
                added some more blocks to the BGTATW quilt, one side completed

Not stitching - almost finished The Enemy (should knock it off tonight) 
                      started watching True Detective on dvd


  1. hope the sourdough continues to do well, you are really patient and good with these things. The feather also looks good, very fitting with the Amish colour scheme of this little beauty

  2. Great looking feather! I laughed at the nickname given to your starter. Perfect. I used to do that, but then got tired of the maintenance, but I still miss my homemade sourdough English muffins!


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