Sunday, 7 September 2014

Stitching - Day 7

I seem to be a bit out of synch now, never mind, I'm still keeping up with an hour of stitching a day.
Yesterday I stitched more blocks on to the TATW quilt, Round 10 seems never ending, making this quilt isn't as much fun as it was in the first month, perhaps because the rounds are taking longer to stitch.  Most of the Round 11 blocks have been marked up so I can start stitching with them today and it will grow a little more, unfortunately this means the whole quilt is starting to get just that little bit cumbersome, I'm not looking forward to Round 20 - 84 blocks in that one.

I made Pancetta, white bean and chard pot pies from Smitten Kitchen - the Mister and I both liked them, so I'll be making these again, I wasn't a fan of the pancetta (it made the mix a bit too salty for my liking) so I will be omitting that next time around.  I used the Smitten Kitchen cookbook (there are some but not all, of the same recipes on her blog) which I borrowed from the library, so far I've made three recipes from it and we have enjoyed them all, it took a while for this book to become available through the library system so I think this book will be going on my wish list.

In other stitching matters, I've been working sporadically on this small piece.  I'm nearly over the half way stage with the quilting now, there is no plan, I just quilt the lines however I want to, at the moment I'm quilting the curvy ones on the top left, I find it quite satisfying doing this type of quilting and  the tiny quilt has such a great texture.

Day 7

Achieved - some more blocks on Round 10
                  a bit more quilting on tiny quilt

Not stitching - reading Lee Child - The Enemy (I love Jack Reacher)
                        watched more DCI Banks (once again I fell asleep halfway through)


  1. I completely forgot about dci banks and then went and watched them out if sinc in Iview have no 2 to go back to watch

  2. Your quilting on your little piece is fab - makes me want to reach out and touch it!


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