Saturday, 6 September 2014

Stitching - Day 6

 My bad ...  I intended to post this last night before I went to bed but after finishing work, I arrived home and was doing a bit of quilting while watching DCI Banks (we record most of the shows we watch) I started dozing off so I took myself off to bed completely forgetting about finishing this blog post.

Week 1 on the stitching "contest" is nearly done, I must admit today has been a bit of a struggle to get anything of a stitching nature accomplished.  A little quiet time in the afternoon allowed me to at least cut fabric for round 11 of the Trip Around the World quilt top, I needed 44 squares and after I measured my piece of fabric I thought it would be close, and as you can see by the photo there isn't much left.  Luckily there was another piece of the fabric in the Museum Medallion tub so I managed to get the 44 squares which made me quite happy.

I pulled some fabrics for a small project I hope to make this weekend, tomorrow I will cut and perhaps finish the project, fingers crossed anyway.

I also bought some fabric (fat tenths actually) last night at the guild meeting, these are all going in the Museum Medallion tub, I still have a few of the quarter circles left to cut and at least 4 of these will make their way into that quilt,

and finally, Lara gave me this sweet little purse last night as thanks for me letting her use some of my wool felt stash in a recent workshop she did with Wendy Williams at Quilt Encounter a month or so ago.  It is quite roomy and takes 4 reels of thread easily, so I think it will be a great purse to put a small hand stitching project in.

Day 6

Achieved - pulled fabric for a small project, ready to cut tomorrow
                   cut fabric for Round 11 of TATW
                   some quilting on a tiny quilt I'm making.


  1. Wah . . its been sad not getting my regular RINI adrenaline boost with internet gone for a couple of tonight's scroll through your posts has been so delightful.
    Plenty of magic coming from your neck of the woods, as per usual! Love all your posts Pip....esp seeing your Flower Garden on the bed. Gorgeous.

  2. Cute little purse! You did well in spite of being so tired. I love DIC Banks too!


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