Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Stitching - Day 4

I'm up to date with the Threads of Memory blocks now, there are only four blocks left of this BOM project and with the last block being released at the end of December, I'll be aiming for a finish sometimes in January.

Spent a bit of time cutting squares out for the Brigitte Giblin's Trip Around the World (BGTATW) hand piecing challenge, I completed Part One in just before the end of August.  The instructions for Part Two have been released and the workload has more than doubled.

I'll be taking these squares along to my regular stitching day with Sheila and Chris, which should give me a good start for this month.  I won't be spending too long on my next fabric selections for this challenge, it gets larger by four blocks each round which of course means it takes more time to stitch and I need to get the target amount done each day otherwise I'll be playing catch-up again.

Round 9 (Part One)

Day 4

Achieved - Finished Threads of Memory block (currently up to date)
                Cut fabric for Round 10 of BGTATW

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  1. Good on you keeping up with the challenge, Pip. Your latest block looks great and also your round the world challenge.


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