Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Stitching - Day 3

I chose and roughly cut out all the fabrics for the latest Threads of Memory block, I'm going to be paper foundation piecing it tomorrow, all going well.  I'm quite happy with how these fabrics are playing together.  Next thing will be to make the Flying Geese sashing for the three blocks I've finished, I think that my stock of FG's will be running low soon, but that will be work for another day.


The baby lorikeet is getting more adventurous each day, I've seen it flapping its wings inside the box, I know that baby cockatoos do this to strengthen their wing muscles in preparation for their first flight so I imagine it would be the same for the lorikeets.

 I think the whole lorikeet family is getting quite used to me peering out the window and pointing the camera at them, so long as I move slowly and don't make a noise that is.

One of the parents on the perch, it had just finished feeding the baby, you can see there is quite a difference in beak colour between adult and juvenile beaks, the baby's beak is just visible above the parent's feet on the perch.

Day 3

Achieved - fabrics prepared for 1 block,
                 4 Museum Medallion blocks stitched

Watched - The Hundred Foot Journey - I really enjoyed this film, well worth going to see.


  1. the "contest" seems to be working for you. I like the fabric choices for this ToM block... My goodness , that baby has grown, shouldn't be too long before it flies the nest.


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