Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stitching - Day 14

The weather was beautiful today, blue skies and warm temperatures which made it very pleasant as the Mister and I worked together for our 30 minutes a day in the garden challenge.  We were out there quite early (about 0730am) and there were plenty of birds in the trees enjoying the start to the day.  I spotted these baby magpies in the tree out the back, and it was sheer luck that I snapped a photo as one of the parents was feeding one of them.

They certainly made a racket with their constant calls to be fed.

 I did a fair bit of stitching today, sewing up the project pictured above, finishing off Round 10 of TATW quilt, and auditioning fabrics for the next round, I had better think about the next couple of rounds as well, because the red spot must be included in round 14, 15 or 16 and I don't want too much of a clash with colours.

Achieved - finished Round 10 of TATW
               auditioned fabrics for Round 11,
               stitched a project
Non-stitching - 30 minutes in the garden.


  1. Love your magpies! Gorgeous photo Pip.

  2. Such a cute photo of the magpies! Love the zip bag you've made.


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