Friday, 12 September 2014

Stitching - Day 11/12

Your home is not a museum, library or recycling plant,
don't put it down, put it AWAY.

 I 'm officially a day behind with my blog postings,  but never mind.  The Sweet 16 was dropped off for the update this morning, on the way home we stopped at Officeworks so I could buy this red filing cabinet.  I have been coveting it for some time now after I saw it on Instagram. I have bits and pieced tucked away in various places in my work room and by having this I'm hoping that I can consolidate it all in one place.

While I was doing this I discovered that I had 4 tape measures (I only ever use one of them), boxes of pins that I don't use and quite a few packets of sewing machine needles, which will get used.  Instead of making little labels for each drawer, I'm just going to have numbers in each holder and a list on the side of the cabinet with the contents for each drawer.

The drawers take an A4 size piece of paper  with about 2 and a 1/2" to spare, they are not too deep,
and you can remove the complete drawer easily, however there are no safety stoppers on the drawers.

Day  11/12

Achieved - more quilting on the Challenge quilt, I will probably finish the quilting on the Bernina
                  4 blocks on TATW quilt

not stitching - organising the red filing cabinet
                    still reading Midnight Crossroad
                   Watched Silk
                   Made Miso Tahini dressing to dress a Snowpea and Chinese Cabbage Salad (it was yum)


  1. I like your red filing cabinet..shame we don't have Officeworks over here..I have multiple of everything in all sorts of places too ,,especially measuring tapes..mmmm maybe some organising is due too..

  2. I was seriously contemplating one of these ( in red too of course) yesterday, I didn't get it because i need to figure out where it would go.. I might end up with two of the smaller ones , side by side, Or one of the ikea ones instead

  3. Filing cabinet envy here!!


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