Thursday, 25 September 2014

Slipping back into slackness ...

shirt from workshop

I do have an excuse, I am busy quilting the red and white quilt, although in between I have found time to attend a shirt making workshop and finish the quilting on the Diamond challenge quilt.

shirt I made the day after the workshop

I also started another shirt as I wanted to reinforce what I learnt from the workshop, we have homework for the next workshop, which I am yet to do, but as it doesn't involve sewing it won't take me too long.

I think the quilting is coming along quite well, this is the top quarter of the quilt which is nearly complete, I'm intending to do a bit of quilting in some of the red fabric as well, but as I don't want to be fussed with changing threads all the time, that will wait until the white quilting is complete and worst case scenario is that most of the quilt will be quilted should I run out of time.  My priority for the moment is to keep going with the quilting, although next weekend is the Australian Machine Quilting Festival and I have booked into a couple of workshops, so I'm treating that as a bit of R & R.


  1. Your shirt making class sounds wonderful - I love what I see so far!

    The quilting on your red & white quilt is just gorgeous!

  2. Your quilting is looking brilliant Pip! Great work!

  3. One day I am going to get to do some classes at amqf but not until I leave current job, sept is our all time busiest month and beginning of October is filled with catchup. Love the quilting looks amazing. I need a sweet sixteen, better start buying lotto tickets lol.

  4. The shirts look great, Pip. Dare I ask where this shirt workshop was?


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