Monday, 15 September 2014

A bit more stitching ....

The 14 day challenge is now over, but I am going to continue to keep up with an hour a day of stitching of some type of another.  I haven't been doing much machine stitching lately and I found that I needed to refresh my memory by referring to the manual when I was using my Bernina yesterday.

Amanda at Sea Breeze Quilts is running a 6 month long Mystery Sampler Quilt called Chocolate Marshmallow, the blocks are 12" finished and each month Amanda will post instructions for two blocks.  Instructions for the first two blocks were released today.  I've decided to follow along and make the blocks,  Block 1 is finished and I quite enjoyed the process, like Amanda I'm using fabrics from my stash, I have a reasonable amount of the grey spot type fabric so that might get used for continuity purposes.

I cut out more blocks for the BGTATW, the quilt top is starting to get a bit larger now, and it seems to take forever to do one side, thank goodness for footy games :)  these blocks all need to be marked with their seam allowance, (wonder if I can talk the Mister into doing it for me)  otherwise it is an easy task to do while watching tv.

 I'll probably add another blue after the red spot, blue is one colour that I have a lot of in my stash.

 Achieved - cut blocks for the next four rounds of BGTATW
                 made 1 block for the Mystery Sampler
Gardening - worked for 45 minutes today, my coffins are all mulched and ready for planting.


  1. I can't believe you have started another project, with all your deadlines.. I scarcely dare look at your link incase i get Caught in the web. The block looks terrific though and will be fun quilt..

  2. Pip what are the coffins you are growing?

  3. Pip I love your blue block! Those red spots are just right. Your talent putting colours together is envied!


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