Friday, 22 August 2014

Stitching Thursday

Ever since we connected online in March 2011, Sheila and I have been getting together at least once a month for a Stitching Thursday.  We usually start with morning tea and a catch up,  a bit of sew and tell and then settle down to stitch and chat, other times we might visit a local quilt shop or an exhibition. This year our Stitching Thursday has expanded to include Chris and sometimes we are joined by Ali as well.  I really look forward to these days as we often bounce ideas around and they are a great incentive to make progress on or even finish a project, (something we all need help with sometimes.)

Our morning tea this time was  Pear Tart and we had Brown Onion soup with fresh bread for lunch, the Mister especially likes these days as he knows he will usually have a really nice morning tea, although this time he had gone out for the day so it was leftovers for him :)

Our most recent homework from our Sweet 16 group was a Feather project, I decided to do a Feather sampler, (still to be finished), I really love quilting on batik fabric but sadly the quilting doesn't always show to the best advantage,

the back of the sample really shows up the quilting and I can see the places where I need to improve. I used minimal marking on these feathers and let them develop as I quilted,

this feather had a elongated figure 8 marked in the centre and then I worked the feather out from that.

for this feather I marked the beginning curve and then worked along to the end.

for this feather, I marked the two large S shapes and then quilted the feather plumes off them.


  1. Your Thursdays together sound delightful! Oh my! That pear tart looks yummy!!

  2. It was another very enjoyable day, thank you again for the delicious repast and stimulating company.

  3. Be still my heart! Your feathers are fabulous--I commend you for your skills and talent (and yes, I'm jealous!)


  4. Those feathers look fantastic - that figure 8 is very clever - I'm going to steal that idea :)

  5. Your feathers are gorgeous! The centre one looks so delicate! The figure 8 is a lovely shape for your feathers too. Must get back to my machine!


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