Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stitching - Day 1

Meredithe  is inspiring herself  (and me)  with a bit of a contest - to spend 1 hour  a day  (just 60 minutes, not much really)  doing something sewing related, whether it be prepping a block, choosing fabrics for some blocks, some hand applique, hand stitching, quilting, embroidery,  (I'm sure you can think of other things)   and if you have a blog you can post about it too.

I have plenty of free time but sometimes a day or more will pass where I have done no stitching at all because I've been a bit caught up in domestic things, or just frittered away time on the internet, so I'm going to play along with Meredithe too.

False start 1 - wrong fabric choice for the little triangle

I'm a few blocks behind in Barbara Brackman's Threads of Memory BOM so thought I would do a bit of catch-up with those blocks.  Yesterday I drew up the  Oberlin Star block in EQ7 and printed out some templates, and appliqued the quarter circles down so I could do a bit of piecing today.

 False start 2 - right fabric,  just in the wrong place :(

I had a couple of false starts with the piecing, but once that was sorted I was away and it didn't take very long before I had a complete block finished and for a change it finished at the correct size :)

Day 1

Achieved - 1 block completed


  1. An inspirational choice of colours. Sooooo good. Perfect frame for the centre square .

  2. Gorgeous, Love the bird in the centre

  3. Love your block Pip! Thanks for the link. It should be a good, productive fortnight.


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