Friday, 29 August 2014

Looking at this photo, I'm having second thoughts about the fabric that I've used for my border on the Museum Medallion, although it does look different in real life, and it is lacking the striped border which will lift it a bit. I think I need to wait until I've finished all the outside blocks and then see how that looks. 

I managed to get some photos of the baby lorikeet today, the first one was taken fairly early this morning. it was a bit shy and kept ducking back inside, which made it hard to get a decent photo.

This photo was taken in the late afternoon, (there is quite a difference in the light quality as the sun was shining towards me) and it was right on the edge of the box, another few days and it will be outisde on the perch, although I have seen the parent birds giving it a bit of a nudge when it gets too enthusiastic.


  1. Marie Christine said: Lovely Medaillon quilt! is Mrs Vigor?
    From France

    1. sorry Marie Christine I deleted your comment in error.

      Yes, the Medallion quilt is based on the Mrs Vigors Medallion quilt, this pattern is slightly different.

  2. loving your medallion quilt, look forward to seeing what your decision is on the border fabric.
    bird pictures are fun, must be fun watching everyday

  3. I love it as is! I think the yellow calms down all the different colors - and I love me lots of color!

  4. I think the yellow looks good, but would have to see the other choices to be sure. I have such a hard time deciding! Such a beautiful bird!


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