Monday, 25 August 2014

In a ferment ...

At our last Quilt Guild meeting Lara gave me a Herman the German Friendship cake  starter, which was quite spooky as I had just been talking about this starter (and sourdough and Kombucha) with Chris as we were driving to the meeting.

So I took Herman home and followed the instructions, feeding him etc. I didn't want to make a cake with Herman so the second feed, I didn't add sugar, just flour and water as I hoped that would reduce the sweetness of the starter a bit.

The bread recipe I used was the Artisan Bread in Five minutes a day  the proportions of flour were 2 cup flour and 1 cup wholemeal (mainly because I need to use up the wholemeal flour) and 1 1/2 cups Herman starter, I also added about 1 cup of water,  and used yeast and salt as per the Artisan bread recipe.  I stirred it all together at lunchtime, and left it to prove till the next morning, when I baked it.

The bread rose fairly well, had a great crust on it and was nice to eat although a bit too sweet for my liking, this was the Herman starter effect. 

For comparison purposes I also made another loaf on Saturday but this time I didn't use the Herman starter, I used the same proportions of white flour and wholemeal flour and same amounts of yeast, salt and water.

I noticed that the dough was a bit slower rising this time, and didn't smell as sweet,  the Mister and I preferred this bread to the other loaf because it wasn't sweet.

I've also noticed that the Herman starter isn't quite as active as it was a week or so ago, although it has been colder which I know can slow a sourdough starter down.  I found this blog where there is a post about using Herman in pancakes so I may try that sometime soon as we like pancakes.


  1. Bravo,il est splendide ce pain,cela fait longtemps que j'aimerais essayer du levain naturel,mais je n'ose pas vraiment!
    en tous les cas vos pains sont trés reussi.
    Amicalement de France

  2. makes me want to get started baking some bread again when we get home!


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