Monday, 18 August 2014

I succumbed to one of the crazes that is currently sweeping the quilting world - Brigitte Giblin's Trip Around the World Challenge - the first group have nearly finished their TATW quilts, I'm in the second group, we have until the end of August to complete 9 rounds, I've done 3 so far, at the moment it doesn't take too long to stitch a round, but as we get further along it will take longer as there are 4 extra squares each round.  It is entirely hand stitched, (yes, I have started another hand stitched project)

My other hand stitching project is coming along quite nicely, I've forgotten to take any photos but the next borders are on and I'm marking the blocks in preparation for stitching and it is taking me a while as it is boooorrrrriiiinnnngggg and there are a lot of pieces to mark up.

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