Thursday, 28 August 2014

A bit of organisation

I bought this little dish from the Asian supermarket a while ago and asked the Mister to glue some strong magnets on the underside so I could use it for keeping my pins in.  It works well and there have been no lost pins for ages now.

Previously all my Kaffe Fassett (KF) fabrics were crammed into two large tubs (the same as the one with the red lid on the top of the shelving unit) and I had been finding it difficult to keep them under control.  I'm sure they had been breeding in those tubs as I found some fabrics that I didn't know I had.   So I spent a weekend sorting and folding the fabric and now I can see at a glance where they all are, it has made it much easier.  The tubs on the left have assorted KF scraps so I can fossick through them when I need a small piece of fabric, and as the cutting table is in this room, I stored the rulers in one of the cubbies as well, the longer rulers are hanging from hooks at one end.

The Mister climbed the tree again to take a photo of the baby lorikeets, he found only one, where the other one disappeared to is a mystery.  This one has nearly all its feathers now and I saw it peeking out from the box this morning, I hope to get a photo over the next day or so.


  1. Cute little dish and such a clever thing to do with it! Very organised with your Kaffe - care to come and help me out?? Aren't our native birds colourful!

  2. My blog visits have been few and far between of late but good to see you are still churning out quilts! Love the idea of the magnet on the plate for your pins, very clever!

  3. Looks so organised and tidy Pip! I seem to have so much other stuff in my cubes. Have to spend today fixing it!


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