Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tired and happy

I had a lovely time at the workshop today, if I had been thinking ahead I would have done a bit of preparation so I could have started using the Quick Curve ruler straight away, but it didn't take long to cut fabric strips, then cut the curved shapes and start piecing.  I had decided to make a runner which was the free pattern that came with the ruler, so I pulled some likely fabrics from the stash and used them.

I found the instructions quite easy to follow once I had observed our teacher cutting a couple of pieces.  Putting the blocks together was also quite simple, no pins are used for that part, so once you get used to holding the fabric and guiding the curves beneath the sewing machine foot it is quite quick.  It seemed to take nearly as long pressing the blocks as piecing them.

Morning and afternoon tea was provided, (and sewing table snacks) all we had to do was eat, drink and sew, there was a bit of chat but we were all quite busy concentrating on our sewing to do much talking.

I finished piecing my runner about 30 minutes before I went home so I was able to pack my equipment up at a leisurely pace.  Some more photos can be seen on Wideback's Facebook page here I thoroughly enjoyed my day and will be going back for a different workshop later in the year.


  1. Wow! hope you have your feet up, now. Thats a lot of concentrating.
    Great result.

  2. looks great! love your fabric choices.

  3. it looks great! a lot make curve piecing harder than it needs to be

  4. Love your runner! Very pretty! I have not tried curved piecing yet.

  5. Wow! That is so effective. I've yet to master curved piecing! Used thousands of pins when I tried with poor results!

  6. That is amazing! Nice job!

  7. well done, the runner looks great, it will look even better once you and the beast have played with it some more

  8. beautiful table runner Pip!
    Happy to hear you had a wonderful time at the workshop!


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