Wednesday, 4 June 2014


In addition to quilting the KGB quilt, I've been practising feathers on the Sweet 16, it has taken a while before I have felt comfortable(ish) doing them.  I did a lot of doodling with pencil and paper before I tried them in thread, and I think that made a big difference,

 First attempts of the session,
I did the LHS ones first and then the RHS
you can see where I had a brain fade 
and lost my direction on some of them :)

 I changed thread and had a few tension issues
 so this one was just doodling around

this one was quite a good effort,  I was going quite well until
I realised that I had flipped the backing fabric
 under (top of the photo)  and was quilting that as well.

I experimented with quilting the feather towards me
and away from me, both ways felt quite comfortable.

the small feather at the top was one I did using backtracking, 
it was the last one of the session and I think it looks good.


  1. Fancy Feathery Fabulousness!

  2. Brilliant, well done Pip. It all looks great. This is something I am determined to master this year!

  3. practicing is paying off - looking good

  4. fantastic beginnings... that double back with echo is very effective, you certainly are developing an elegant style

  5. Your quilting is looking excellent!!

  6. Looking good. Need to go and pick a crop of that money tree I think so I can get me one of those babies.

  7. Your feather stitches are looking beautiful!

  8. Looking great Pip! Feathers are such fun!

  9. Beautiful feathers. I have looked at the Sweet 16 on line before and wondered about it.


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