Thursday, 1 May 2014

Carpenter's Wheel

When I was at my parents during the Easter break I finally remembered to take a photo of this wallhanging which I made in 1985, I forgot to measure the size, but I think it is at least 100cm  (40") square.

It was made as a gift for my mother on her birthday,  a Carpenter's Wheel seemed appropriate as my father is a carpenter.  I think I saw a photo of the block somewhere but there were no sizes, so I drafted out the three templates required, cut them from cardboard, traced around them, then cut all the blocks out with scissors (I didn't have a rotary cutter back then).  It was all hand stitched, although I did use the machine to put the binding on, then hand stitched it in place.

When I took it down to take the photo, I had a bit of a closer look at it and was quite surprised that the star points all matched up.  You can see the quilting that I did on it, very, very basic, I made a plastic  flower shape with a circle cut out for the middle, which I traced around and then joined the petals to the centre circle, hence it's unevenness.

In the photo below, you can see how the fabric has faded over the years,  the print fabric on the front was used as the backing and binding fabric. One thing I do remember was the limited fabric choice back then, I used the brown colours because I wanted it to have the look of marquetry.


  1. pity you didn't bring it back with you, it would be perfect for show and tell at guild tonight... "The Early Years"

  2. neat looking at the older quilts that we made years ago isn't it. I do not have the earliest ones that I made and I do remember they were probably pretty bad!

  3. oh it is delightful Pip. I did smile, because I started like that, with cardboard and scissors and was still working like that just 6 years ago! This must be a precious thing to your Mum and Dad.

  4. For an early quilt it certainly was a terrific and ambitious one!
    How fun to see how you've progressed over the years.

  5. That is amazing! Love the pattern, never heard of it before... xxx

  6. That quilt is so nice! :)
    Hugs, Ulla


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