Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday is done and dusted

Daylight saving and the clocks have rolled back an hour, which means my body thinks it is time to get up before the clock says it is.  I made use of the extra time and caught up on blog reading - all 79 of them, by the time the sun rose the blog reading was done and I was ready for breakfast, a quick read of the paper and then time to finish off the notebook cover.

I decided to leave the cover as it was but added a ribbon when I stitched the front to the inside cover and sleeves, I may add a fabric bead to dangle off the end of the ribbon as a finishing touch.

After that effort I had a little break and moved a few bits of furniture around in the spare room and then started on the Barbara Brackman's Threads of Memory block.  It took me a little while to decide on fabrics, my initial choice for the centre block didn't work with the other fabrics so I had to rat through all my KFC fabrics to find something else.  This block is a smidgen too big so at some stage I will have to make another one, but I will need to get some more of the grey Rings fabric which I used on the small triangles, I have found it quite a versatile fabric as it is fairly neutral.


  1. I like that it stays light in the evening but it always takes awhile for my body clock to adjust

  2. I still haven't got used to losing that hour. How I wish "they" would leave it alone and so does every single person I know.
    I love that star Pip, the bird fabric is gorgeous. I'd like to make a nice journal cover for my DIL, can you suggest a good tutorial?

  3. Lovely fabrics Pip. Bird is gorgeous too!

  4. nice choice of fabrics for BB block, pity about sizing issues, maybe it can go on the back of your swap block quilt. Love the journal cover, i keep meaning to do some but somehow never get there, i did help my Grand daughter to do ne ... does that count :-)


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