Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sarah Evans Applique Quilt

I spent the Easter break over in New Zealand with my family, I took along a fair bit of hand stitching so that I had plenty to keep my hands occupied.  These two blocks are the start of an applique quilt that featured in Annette Gero's book The Fabric of Society, the pattern was designed by Kim McLean.  I had originally intended to make two quilts - one using reproduction fabrics and the other using Kaffe's fabrics and had set aside a pile of fabrics to use, but when it came time to cut the fabrics I decided to go with Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, there is just something about these fabrics that makes me happy.

There are four each of the bird and tree blocks, a centre block (started but not finished) and quite a few smaller blocks.  I have quite a lot of the Spots fabrivs so they will be great for the background of the large blocks and Aboriginal Dots and Spots will work nicely for the background of the smaller blocks.

There is a similar post to this with a couple more photos over at the Kim McLean Down Under blog


  1. I have a Kim McLean pattern that I got more than a year ago and I still haven't started it - too many things going on! and too many ideas keeping popping up

  2. The fabrics would make me happy too. Love what you have finished here.:)

  3. A brilliant beginning Pip, glad your "finishitis " has abated, hehehe.

  4. Perfect birdie!
    ...and perfect applique...cant wait to see this develop!

  5. A great start Pip! Looks most interesting. I agree with happy fabrics making me smile!


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