Friday, 4 April 2014

Slow Stitching Thursday

Last night was our monthly quilt guild meeting and as usual I had a lovely day beforehand chatting and stitching with Sheila at her house, interspersed with regular breaks to sustain ourselves -  Dutch Ginger Cake and Lunchbox Slice and salad. We also found time to slip down to the local  LQS (The Mallee Tree) to check out some fabric and I succumbed to the lure of these lovely textiles below, I think they may just work in with the Frame Medallion quilt that is just one of my current projects.

From the left the fabrics are: 
Collection for a Cause Mill Book Series by Howard Marcus,
 the next three are all French General fabrics - 
 La Belle Fleur (border print), and the other two are Chateau Rouge
all manufactured by Moda

Later at the guild meeting I couldn't resist buying this tin, inside is a large pair of scissors, a seam ripper and one of those handy retractable tape measures, how could I not buy it especially as it was a meagre $13.  Really, I only want the tin so the Mister will be the lucky recipient of the scissors as I have plenty of them and this way he will not need to ask to borrow mine :) 

I've also been making a few thread catchers as little gifts, they are quite handy as they fold/roll up nicely and can just be popped in with your sewing kit ready to take along to a sit and sew.


  1. That fabric is gorgeous ~ can't wait to see what you do with it. Do you know who makes the red fabric on the bottom? Would love to see if I can find that locally.

  2. It was a wonderful day Pip, except for my sewing challenges in the afternoon... glad to say i put nose to the grindstone and conquered the problem. today. Good job you spied that tin first.. i wonder if she has another in the shop... something for next week

    1. forgot to say let me know if you need more of the FG border stripe

    2. PPS , how rude of me , i forgot to say again how much i love my thread catcher, it has already been put to much use.


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