Sunday, 13 April 2014

A slow stitching day

Earlier this week I enjoyed a nice slow day, stitching and chatting with a couple of quilting friends.   Cody also enjoyed himself, taking his ease on one of Chris's quilts that she had brought along for a show and tell, a quite lovely quilt inspired by the Sarah Evans applique quilt.

The flying geese are still breeding and they're getting bigger, I made migrating geese using an excellent tutorial by Jane Weston of Sew Create It.  I like the negative space created by this style of geese and I will be making more of this size as they don't take too long to make and even better they have almost doubled the amount of area I had previously.

and another gratuitious cat on a quilt photo.


  1. oh but he is so gorgeous!

  2. It was amazing... he was nowhere in sight ...until the quilt went down. He has good taste , Chris' quilt was really beautiful. I am amazed at how well those different breeds of geese are flying together

  3. Love your migrating geese!! They look fab!!

  4. Nice day. Love the migrating geese!!


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