Wednesday, 5 March 2014


saw me a little bit closer to finishing the Just Takes 2 quilt when I finished the applique diamonds on this block.  I don't know what the block is called but I know I started it well over a year ago and I'm very happy it is finished now.

All that remains with this quilt now is to pretend it is a jigsaw and put the pieces together, I may have a few problems with that as I have trimmed a couple of my blocks smaller than they are meant to be, but I'm hopeful that the odd filler strip of flying geese or checkerboard will sort that out, we'll see.

I made this little neck wallet last month and forgot to blog about it, I had thought it would be great to put my phone in as well as my credit card and/or money and when I went to guild meetings I could put my membership card in the clear front pocket (I can never remember my membership number).  I tested it out at the last guild meeting and it was great, the front pocket was really handy for putting my raffle tickets in, the only bad thing was that it got quite heavy on the neck with the weight from the phone, but who really needs their phone at a guild meeting, there are plenty of people to chat to face to face.


  1. that is a cute bag. I have thought of making a bag, larger than that one but keep it simple as well - I have several patterns - not sure if I will -- love your bag.

  2. I see you are still hanging on to the "finishitis", its taking a long time to shake it. You certainly kept the "doozies" from the JT2 BOM 'til last, and have done a fabulous job with this one. You had so many people admiring your bag , you could go into business making and selling them.

  3. Fabulous bag Pip. I too tend to "lose" my raffle tix just when the number is being called!
    Perfect applique... it looks quite Hawaiian that design.

  4. I love your block, Pip! Beautiful work!

  5. That Red applique' block turned out really beautiful Pip!

    What a great neck wallet! So practical and very pretty.

  6. Hi, I love your block and the guild wallet! What a good idea. The strap is great fun! I'm a new blogger and also from Adelaide.


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