Thursday, 6 March 2014


I had a bit of a play with my BlocLoc Flying Geese ruler today, it was so much easier trimming the geese especially as I also used my new rotating rotary cutting mat.  Just position the ruler, cut and spin and repeat until the trimming is done, I wish I had bought a rotating mat ages ago, so much better spinning the mat rather than contorting myself trying to trim blocks.

There is no definite plan for these flying geese yet, more a vague idea which is bubbling away, I need to make quite a few more so I can have a play with them and see if the idea is worth pursuing.


  1. they are great tools in the arsinal , make getting precision just a bit easier.... Hmmm don't tell me you are finally beginning and not finishing a project ???

  2. I think the spinning mat is something for my birthday wish list!
    would you believe I have never made flying geese, so I am curious to see what you make.

  3. Fabulous Lazy Susan!
    . . . .and I love mustard. These little pretties look like fun.


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