Monday, 17 March 2014

Seeing spots

Over the weekend I finished off my Dotty Frames blocks for the next block swap, Saturday was spent selecting fabric and cutting all the squares and strips.  It didn't take too long although I did have a small problem with the instructions for cutting the strips.

The instructions said to cut across the width of the fabric and each strip would yield 4 or 5 rectangles (10" and 8" rectangles) per strip, which was fine, except I usually cut the selvedges off and once I had done that the width of fabric wasn't wide enough.  Luckily I only cut selvedges off the one strip, so the next strip I cut a 1/4" off the non-printed selvedge edge and then worked my way across - success.

Most of the strips had just enough fabric to cut the required amount of 10" rectangles, a couple had a small strip (less than 1/8") of white selvedge showing on a rectangle, but one strip had more than 1/4" showing, luckily I could use that for one of the 8" rectangles.  I had washed all my fabrics so there may have been a small amount of shrinkage but I do think that the instructions in the book should be more precise.

I even made a test block (the top block) to check that my seam allowances would be correct and I would end up with a 10" unfinished block.  All that remains is to package up the blocks and get them into the mail.


  1. OOo.... that is too aggravating...lucky you were able to compensate early in the proceedings.

  2. i hope the others in the group are able to see the pitfalls of the pattern and figure it out , so you get the correct sized blocks in return. I do hope so as it's a gorgeous quilt.


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