Friday, 7 March 2014

Round we go

I finished adding the first pieced border to the Museum Medallion, I think it looks really good.  I've cut the strips for the next two borders - a thin striped border and a wider fabric border, I hope it won't be too long before they are added on and I will have another progress photo to show.

There are two more pieced borders to be made,  I thought I had another piece of the Moda Grunge fabric that I used for the background and in fact I have plenty just not the same shade :(  
rather than try and get more I will use what I have, I don't think it will matter as the two fabric borders will provide a bit of separation and after all it is a "scrap quilt".


  1. A cheery and delightful progression.
    Love all the colour choices....and those squares dancing around the edges.

  2. Ooh Pip, your medallion is looking amazing. I had so much fun making mine, such a wonderful pattern. I can't wait to see more borders, your colour choices are awesome! xo

  3. you didn't mention to your readers that you are doing this by hand, which explains why it is a masterpiece of precision. I love how you have included fabric of all genres.

  4. It looks awesome Pip!

  5. I really like this one and the colors you are using

  6. I like this very much Pip. I did smile at what you said at the end. Whilst adding a border to my latest quilt, I made a mistake and ended up having to add to skinny borders. I told my self the same thing :-)


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