Saturday, 1 March 2014

More fabric goodness

Every month a little parcel arrives in my letterbox with some lovely 1/4 metre fabric strips from Material Obesssion.  Sometimes I put them away with the rest of my fabric stash and other times I leave them out for a bit to see what other fabrics might play with them.

 This month's offering was from Kathy Doughty's first fabric line -  A Wandering Mind

I did a quick scan of the stash and thought that the pink fabric on the right
 would work well with the floral and the plaid - and it does.

then I saw this piece of Downton Abbey (a lovely postal surprise from Salley)
and yes,  it plays nicely with the fabrics as well.

A Wandering Mind is an apt title for this fabric line as my brain is busy whirring away thinking of different quilty possibilities with my fabrics. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post and it is in no way meant to influence you to buy this fabric, although I am certainly going to be buying some of it.


  1. very keen to see this fabric in real life, can you bring them Thurday, Please ?Promise i won't steal them :-) . I have been looking forward to seeing the one with birds on , ( not shown here i guess its not suitable to cut into 1/4 metre pieces.) i really love the plaid .

  2. very nice selections! I joined a club for awhile too last year and kept on getting 4 mini charm packs a month - I have a lot to play with now but decided I really did have enough at the beginning of the year and cancelled.

  3. I had already purchased some pieces of this luckily on the one was the same as I already had. Hope the mouth is feeling better.

  4. Amazing! I really thought that DA was destined for the bottom of the fabric bin!
    Once again your eye for pattern and colour produce an inspiring coupling of future creativity!

  5. The DA goes so well with Kathy's fabrics - so surprised!!


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