Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Koala heaven

Every morning when I open the blinds in the family room, I always look up at the white cedar to see if there is any wildlife visiting.  This morning I was surprised to see a koala just beginning its climb up the tree.

I called out to The Mister to come look, grabbed my camera and went outside.  We think it was the same one that visited a couple or so weeks ago because it was very keen to drink water again and after drinking from a bowl which The Mister held up for it, it climbed down and drank more water from the big bowl on the ground.

  look at the size of those claws

 a small pink tongue

 claws spread wide

 maybe I'll have a nap now

This time I ventured to have a little stroke of it's head (while it was drinking), it didn't seem to mind. When it was on the ground having a drink, The Mister pushed the limits a bit with his stroking and received a small nip, he said it was like being pinched hard!

Later on it came down the tree and was walking round the yard, The Mister following as he was trying to take a video and we discovered how it gets into our yard, it slips through the side gate which explains the dirty marks on it (we always thought it was a fox).  It then ventured out onto the road, with The Mister standing in the middle of the road to slow the cars down, and is now happily sleeping in the tree opposite. (fingers crossed it is still there tomorrow Sheila)


  1. Fabulous photos Pip...but.....Careful, Cody.......Mama could be about to replace you...

  2. I can forgive Australia all the poisonous bitey things, because of Koalas. Lucky lady having one living in the back yard!

  3. so cute! and it sounds like you enjoy seeing him - I would too and would want to photograph him as well

  4. Love those wonderful photos of that sweet Koala!
    It would be nice to have him now as a regular guest in your yard.

  5. I didn't realise they were so tame, after all they are a wild animal aren't they?
    He certainly looks very cute!

  6. What a wonderful visitor! Hope he stays safe with the road so close..


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