Thursday, 27 March 2014

Flying Geese border is finished

Today I finished off the flying geese border on my medallion quilt.  It was more good luck than good management that the two side borders fitted as they were about a 1/2" longer than the top and bottom border which fitted perfectly. I used a very scant 1/4" seam to put the geese together and I think that made a difference, if that had failed I had a couple of fall-back options to try.

One option was to substitute a piece of fabric for the two geese blocks that meet in the centre and the other idea was to make a quarter square triangle unit to replace the same two blocks, happily neither option had to be used but I will keep them in mind for future borders.


  1. sometimes I have had to make very skinny seams to get the borders to match out in the end - good job on your!

  2. well done Pip, looks good

  3. Looks lovely Pip. Thats the only trouble with Medallion Quilts. You have to hope all the borders will fit. I'm nearly onto the last border of Mrs Billings. Whew what a job its been!


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